Community Activities

Sri Ramanasramam's main purpose is to serve as a center for the diffusion of spiritual knowledge and a place of sanctity by affording scope for the fulfillment of objects germane to the advancement of spirituality. In accordance with this purpose, Sri Ramana Maharshi was supportive of engaging in specific activities that help maintain the spiritual sanctity of the Ashram and its vicinities while also helping seekers overcome their inherent predispositions (vasanas) while performing them selflessly. The current administration of the Ashram continues to support these activities.

1. Environmental Conservation

Several projects are undertaken to preserve the sacred environment within and around the Ashram. These include: afforestation efforts around the Arunachala hill, extensive cleaning activity around and on the slopes of the Arunachala hill, the creation of flower beds, ponds and gardens within the premises of the Ashram, installation of garbage collection cans all along the Girivalam path, and renovation efforts such as the regular cleaning of water bodies (tirthams).

Within the Ashram:

Afforestation along the slopes of Arunachala:

Renovation of water bodies (tirthams):

2. Dispensary (Medical services)

The Ashram offers free medicines and medical treatment to the local community of Tiruvannamalai. Well-qualified doctors and nurses volunteer their specialized services. Medical camps and yoga classes are conducted regularly to promote health awareness and to treat the needy.

COVID Vaccination Drive:

Free Medicines:

Health Camps:

3. Narayana Seva (Feeding Sadhus)

The Ashram serves free nutritious lunch meals to the sadhus of Arunachala every day. As was the practice when Sri Ramana Maharshi was in the body, even today, inmates and guests are served lunch only after the sadhus have had this divine offering. Women and Children are also served the same food. Lunch packages are also sent to local schools and municipalities.

4. Goshalas (Cow Shelters)

The Ashram goshala houses several indigenous breeds of cows. They are tended to with great care and provide wholesome organic milk that meets all the Ashram’s dairy needs.

The Ashram also maintains a home to house cows in their old age. The older cows are cared for with affection and allowed to die a natural death.

5. Organic Farming

Crops are grown organically to supply a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for the Ashram.

6. Library

The Ashram maintains a state of the art library that houses and preserves over 30,000 spiritual books.